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Publié le 13 mars 2019 à 8h34

YBN Almighty Jay a reçu 300 points de suture au corps et au visage

Selon ce que rapporte TMZ


YBN Almighty Jay avait récemment été sévèrement agressé par plusieurs individus dans le hall d’un immeuble résidentiel à Manhattan.

Jay a été poignardé à plusieurs reprises avec une lame, et a subi des lacérations à la tête et au visage lorsqu’un des agresseurs a cassé une bouteille de Hennessy sur lui.
Son visage a tellement été défiguré qu’il aurait eu besoin de 300 points de suture


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STORY via TMZ – YBN Almighty Jay is finally out of a hospital bed but still recovering from multiple stab wounds from a weekend beating that was way worse than what video showed. Sources close the rapper tell TMZ … Jay was hospitalized for a couple of days to get treated for injuries sustained Friday after a street fight was followed by a separate attack and robbery later in the night. We're told Jay was jumped by several guys around midnight in the lobby of a residential building in Manhattan, and after he tried to flee he got dragged back into a more serious assault. Our sources say along with getting stomped on and having his chains jacked, Jay got stabbed several times with a blade … and suffered head and facial lacerations when someone cracked a Hennessy bottle over his head. His face was sliced up so badly, he reportedly required 300 stitches.

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